Boy am I dragging...

I have so much to do at work and I'm just dragging tail. Thursday the inspector comes for our annual certification. We are all ready except the lab needs a good cleaning. I do not feel like cleaning....... But I have too. I can not wait for next week so I can ignore work for a few days.

In other news, Kiko laid her first egg yesterday. This should be interesting. I don't know if they ever mated but I guess we'll find out. It looks this morning like she may be getting ready to lay another. Hmmm.... interesting.

I may be picking up some lovebirds. I know a guy who has a whole bunch and he wants to get rid of some. I may take a couple off his hands. Not for breeding, just for pets. Well, in truth, the only reason I'm breeding the cockateils is because Kiko is a chronic egg-layer. I figure (and I've read) that breeding them may help regulate the production of eggs. So she is allowed to have a clutch now and that's probably it for this year. I'm thinking one clutch a year should be plenty.

Okay, I should get to work. Ugh!!!!!


so what do you do about the eggs until you know if they are fertilized or not? and how can you tell unless you just...wait?? interesting...
jeff said…

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