02 July 2007


So I've been investigating a bunch of different things. I've ordered the Precision Nutrition. I'm doing the Turbulence Training. I'm really ready to get this weight gone.

One thing I've been reading a lot about is green tea weight loss. I've read in a number of different places that drinking green tea for weight loss is extremely effective. The things in green tea really help you burn fat and loss weight. Since I've read this in a number of different places I'm beginning to think they might be on too something.

I used to drink green tea everyday. I'm not sure exactly why I stopped but I did. I may have to go back to it. It's one thing I can do that's good for me and easy to do. Green tea for weight loss who knew. Time to get back on the green tea wagon.

I can't wait for my Precision Nutrition to get here. I'm really excited about tweaking my eating program. I eat pretty good but apparently not good enough since I'm not losing weight. I must cheat more than I realize since I don't think I do cheat that much. If that sentence made sense :) Well, that's something I'm definitely adding, green tea.

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