02 July 2007

Thank you all

for your kind words. I still can not believe it happened. I'm still a little numb I think.

Well, I did manage to survive the weekend from hell. It really was a horrible weekend. I almost quit my job over this. I had gotten Xena from a friend of my bosses. Well, my boss got all mad on Saturday and started telling me what to do. I basically told her to go f*ck herself. This was not about her at all. She was only peripherally involved even though she did know the bird. I told her I was going to quit, to which she responded with a call for a truce, which I accepted. I'm not looking forward to work today, it's going to be uncomfortable. So we shall see what happens.

As you may imagine, my emotions were all over the board this weekend. Friday night hubby and I were so devastated I dragged us out of the house to the mall for a beer. We could not step into the house and see her cage without breaking down completely. So we went to the mall and popped into Sears. They had their HDTV's on sale and we were halfway looking at them. I said the next day, if the salesman had pushed a little bit harder he could have sold a TV. Off and on all weekend I craved sweets. I never gave into the craving because as soon as I stood in front of the sweets I didn't really want them. What I realized, with the TV and the sweets, is that I was trying to cover my emotions. Either by spending or eating. I didn't give in to either but it was interesting to be able to analyze this and see them for what they were. They say that every action has a good intention behind it. Both of those actions, buying a TV or eating sweets, would have made me feel better - for a moment. Neither of them would change what happened or how I ultimately felt about it, but they would have made me temporarily feel better. Luckily I realized what was happening and stopped it before I did something I regretted.

We hardly slept on Friday night. Saturday our new bed arrived. It's a big thick mattress with the individual coiled springs and a soft pillow top, ohhhh nice. Saturday night I slept pretty darn good I wasn't' sure if it was the new bed or being so tired from Friday night. When I crawled in it last night I realized this is a nice bed. Compared to our old bed this is like sleeping on a cloud. I love it.

Well, I didn't do any activity over the weekend and consumed a lot of beer. So this morning it was back to it. I got up and restarted the Turbulence Training program. I'll be doing this 3 days a week, running 3 days a week, and biking 1 day a week. The biking will be my 'rest' day, doing it basically just for fun. I also ordered Precision Nutrition last night. I know the reason I'm not losing fat as quickly as I would like to is because of the nutrition aspect. No, this was not a feel good purchase :) I've actually been looking at this program for a while now but have hesitated buying it. But they are starting a challenge and you can win some really cool stuff. I've decided to jump in, join the challenge and really get a handle on this fat loss thing.

Okay, I should get to work. My boss will be in soon and I want to be busy when she gets here.

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