01 August 2007


I am pretty good with computers but I don't work with them much because I get frustrated (and bored). Frustrated because I can deal with the logical (which is basically computer language) but when it doesn't follow logical paths it makes me crazy. Of course, logical to me and logical to a programmer/designer might not be the same thing - but that's not the point!!! Then I get bored because you know how when your good at something it either comes easy or it doesn't come at all. Yeah, that's how I get.

So I'm trying to change things on my blog here and I can't get a picture in the header. I know it can be done. I've done it before. But for some reason it's not working and it's just pissing me off. UGH!!!!!

On a good note, my boss was nice enough to mail me my paycheck yesterday. That was nice. She's lucky I'm the only employee and she can do my check by hand. Otherwise she would need some payroll software to keep everything straight.

Okay, enough. I'm going to get ready for my bike ride.

1 comment:

Irene said...

I hope you get the blog headder working! My computer skills are lacking and I would love to figure out my own blog headder as well. It will take me years, unless I can bribe one of my kids to do it for me. LOL...

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