The bike ride....

So I did go for my bike ride this morning. It was good. Have I mentioned recently I love my Garmin?? I set it for biking and took off.

I got about 1/2 way through my intended ride when I ran (or rode:) into my boss. She was very depressed because her 12 year old Golden Retriever is going downhill fast. It's really sad when dogs, I guess people too, get near the end of their lives they just decline so rapidly. It is sad. My boss is going to her daughter's wedding in 2 weeks and is afraid her dog won't live through the kennel experience. So she's trying to decide if she should put him down before she goes or what she should do. This is the hardest part about responsible animal stewardship.

Anyway, after I ran into her I lost interest in my ride. I ended up only going about 7 miles in 33 minutes. I'm thinking I can do the 40 mile option of the Century Ride. I'm going to work on getting some distance this weekend and see how I do. If I can do 20 miles this weekend, I can do 40 in 2 months. We shall see.

Okay, that's all for now.


Vickie said…
Hey, I like the new blog look and your new picture! It really is quite flattering. I wish I could figure out how to update mine! Glad you got some time on the bike. Its a funny thing the mileage. Once you can do 20, then you move on to 25 and then before you know it you're doing 40. I think you can do this!
angelfish24 said…
Nice new picture of you! Way to go on the biking. I'm liking the biking a lot now too. It's my favorite out of the 3 for the upcoming tri. I feel the need to eventually get a new seat, those bike shoes and clip ins or whatever ya call em. But, with my mountain bike with road tires on it just ain't doing it, maybe some day a nice road bike, something a bit faster, ha.

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