28 August 2007

A couple of random things.

I took my new bike out this morning and OMG!!! What a great bike. It's considerably lighter than my Bianchi and therefore much wobbler. I have to relearn how to steer. I really couldn't hold a straight line. I did get into aero position for a couple of minutes. Again, I will have to work on learning how to steer in that position. In the aero position everything is so close to the center that the slightest move and the bike is going that way. I will have to practice, practice, practice. But it's fun.

While I was at the bike shop yesterday I noticed they had a note on a board that said 11/4 - Sprint Tri. I was thinking maybe I'd do that one. I believe it's the Haleiwa Tri which is the very first tri I did 3 years ago. I thought that would give me enough time to train and it would probably wet my appetite for more. I went online and can't find info anywhere.

Which leads me to my next topic, what the hell happened to Active.com??? I used to like looking races up on their site cause it was easy and pretty much listed all the races. Now the search feature really sucks. I try to search for Hawaii races and get clinics in New York, Texas. It really pisses me off. They have a race listed on 11/4 that is not listed on the groups website. I don't know if the group just added it or if Active.com has it wrong. There is no registration or contact info so I don't know what the heck is going on. It's really annoying though. They took a pretty decent site and really screwed it up.

Okay, that's really all. I've found a house I'd really like to buy so I'm trying to get a hold of the mortgage person to see what the status is with my loan app. It's not Arizona luxury real estate but it will work for us. Keep your fingers crossed that we can work it out :)


Vickie said...

Check trifind.com and see if there is something in Hawaii that is close to you. It should list all the races by the month. That's how I find most of the ones I do. And yes, you will need to practice the aero position, but first get used to the bike so you don't have a stupid crash. When I got my new bike, it was much lighter and seemed wobblier too, so it took me about 5 times riding before I felt confident enough to stay aero for more than a minute.

Unknown said...

glad you like your new bike.

i love mine too, but it takes some getting used to!!


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