10 August 2007

It's Friday....

as I point my fingers in the air and dance in a little circle.

Some random things.....

-I thought I ate pretty well during my weeks vacation. I was wrong. I can tell by how long it's taking me to feel normal again. Still not quite.

-I read somewhere that if you want to kick your fat burning up do your intervals really hard so you feel like you're ready to puke when you're done. I did that this week. It is not fun during but it feels good after.

-I've written a couple of really good (at least I think so) political posts over at my other blog. If you're interested, go check it out. Flo's Place.

-I've been wearing my running shoes for 3 days now and my PF feels considerably better. Of course, these are the model that Asics no longer makes. I'm going to try and find some good work shoes this weekend.

- A friend of my husbands went to the doctor because he wasn't feeling right. Turns out he has a heart condition and some other problems. My husband, who has refused to go to the doc for years, said this morning he's going to make an appointment. He has been feeling really tired and run down lately and can't seem to shake it. I do hope there's nothing wrong, but I'm glad he's going.

- Vicki tagged me but I'm ignoring it until this weekend. I have to think about some of the questions and I have to decide how much I want to tell you. I do have a very checkered past. It has been interesting reading these on all the blogs. Some of you people have done some wild stuff.....

Okay, guess that's all I have to say. I should probably get to work since I don't plan on doing much today.

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