09 August 2007


I'm trying to get back into the routine that really worked best for me. I have to take one day a week off from working out or I burn out quickly. I find that if I take Thursdays off I'm generally good to go for the weekend. If I wait and take a weekend day off I tend to over do the laziness factor. Thursdays are just a cardio day so if I take them off I can make up on the weekends by doing something both days. Makes sense, no???

This weekend is going to be busy. I have some mystery shopping to do, 4 of them. I have to get the house ready because I'm bird sitting. I want to go to the parrot club meeting on Sunday. I have to do my regular chores, make biscuits, clean house, do laundry, etc. And of course, after 2 weeks off, it's back to real estate hunting. Looks like I'll be pretty busy all weekend.

As for my foot, I'm ready to do something drastic. I'm considering a cortisone shot or some such nonsense. It's really gotten out of hand and I'm at the end of rope as to how to deal with it. I was noticing this morning when I got up that not only did the heel hurt, but all the way up the ankle hurt too. This is the ankle that I repeatedly sprained 2 years ago and that aches when I run. Is it possible there is something mechanically wrong with the ankle that is causing the PF?? Maybe it's time to go to the Dr. and have it checked out. It's just frustrating knowing there is not a lot they can do. Ugh!!!!

Okay, that's it for this morning. I'm going to go get ready for work. Hope you all have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Flo - Why are you thinking of taking thursday's off ?

Also to me it appears that you have some problems with your foot.

Duane said...

You may want to find a ports orthotics person? It's working wonders for my messed up feet!

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