23 August 2007

Okay, I did it....

I've thought it over for almost 2 weeks now. I've looked at it from all angles. Thought about the pros and cons. I've finally made a decision.

I called the bike shop this afternoon and a sold sign has been placed on the Fuji. I wanted to make sure they still had it and hadn't sold it. It was still there so clearly it was meant to be mine. I go down on Saturday and pay for it. Hopefully I'll be able to get the bike fitted on Saturday too and take it away. I'm going to get aero bars, new pedals (the ones I have are ancient) and new shoes. I figure I'll probably be spending $1500 when it's all done but then I'll be all set.

This decision has not been just a decision to buy a bike. If it only involved a bike I could have made that decision in a snap. The went much deeper. I had to decide exactly what I wanted to do. Do I want to do triathlons? Do I want to just ride? What is my passion.

Well, I really want to do triathlons. I do. I wanted to use this year to lose weight and build some muscles. I haven't lost much weight but the year isn't over yet. I like weight lifting and I'm going to keep it up, but I really want to do tris. So at some point before January, I will join the Y again and start swimming. I will start running in the next few weeks (my plantar is soooo much better), and of course I'll have my bike. The first tri of the season is usually around March or April and I'm planning on being there.

So there it is. I know I make decisions and change my mind but this decision feels right. This one sets well with me. I'm glad I'm not rushing into anything, but I'm glad I have a plan. I'll be working up a training schedule to fit it all in. I know it can be done, I've done it before, it's just figuring it out.

Okay. There you have it. Hopefully I'll have pictures of me and my new bike on Saturday :)
Now I have to think up a name for her :)


angelfish24 said...

Looks like an awesome bike! Congrats! Sounds good to do more triathlons. I'm thinking of that to as after the high of the first one.
I was just thinking 'I wonder what a good racing/road bike would be?' I have a cheap mountain bike and looked in envy at the girls on the cool, fast bikes. Now I need to see what is a good bike as I really haven't gotten into it. They were pushing 'trek' at the race and I see terry is made for women. I can't afford one now but someday....
Good luck on all your training, it is very rewarding and wt loss will speed up too. But, I thought I'd lose a bunch of weight but was reading this book 'slow, fat triathlete' and it did say I can't eat what I want cause I was training. Darn it.
Long post so I'll let ya go!

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

The bike will earn it's name. Don't rush it.

I competed in triathlons for 4 years riding a Fuji Finest. You do not need a tri bike to do triathlon. In fact, a road bike is a better choice if you want to ride in hills and such.


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