04 August 2007


One more thing. I've been reading a number of blogs and articles about people shocked and outraged when Pepsi came out and said Aquafina is just tap water. I laughed my butt off at the reaction. I mean seriously, where do people think this water comes from??? The Pepsi plant here in Hawaii is in an industrial area. Now, if you think logically, you would wonder where they were getting the water to bottle. In the area they are in there is only 1 answer - the tap. There are no artisian wells, or crystal clear geysers, or any of that other crap where they are located. It's tap water or it's nothing. Also, if you spend anytime in the mountains, you know not to drink the water without treating it. There is some nasty stuff in mountain water. Well, do you think a major company is going to take mountain water and bottle it??? I don't think so. If they do, they will treat it and purify it and guess what??? That gives you tap water. Aha!!! It just cracks me up how people assume things. I guess because it comes in bottle it has to be better water???? Yeah, not so much. I buy bottled water for convenience, not because it's better. I also buy the cheapest bottled water.

Now, if you're really upset because Aquafina lied to you (although I doubt you ever asked, you probably just assumed) you can get this handy dandy little water bottle filter and make your own purified water where ever you go. Just watch out for those filters. We test a lot of water that has been filtered and unless those filters are spotless, you are drinking way more crap then came out of your tap.

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