04 August 2007

Vacation is almost over....

This week has been good though, very good. I had reached a point where I was getting so stressed out from work my neck and shoulders were giant knots. The knots are now gone. I am sleeping good and really feeling great. So this week off was a total success!!

Yesterday was pretty busy and today will be also. I did a bunch of mystery shops yesterday and today I have a bunch more. I wanted to use this week to really see how much mystery shopping I could do, is available, and how much money could be made. As it turns out, I could not replace my salary but I could make some nice change. So between mystery shopping and blogging for dollars, I can pick up some nice extra income. Also, mystery shopping and blogging will allow me some tax write offs which I desperately need since I pay way, way too much taxes and don't use any of the freaking government hand out programs. Woops!!! I'm stopping right there before I get going on a government/tax tirade.

The bad part about this week is that we've been going out to lunch everyday and I feel like a whale. I've been exercising but I don't think it's offset the food and beer consumed. Also, I don't drink much water when hanging around the house. At work I consume 2 -3 liters a day. Around here I have to remind myself to drink any. That is not good. Oh well, on Monday it's back to the routine so no worries there.

We've been watching golf this week. There are 2 Hawaii youngsters trying to make the cut in some serious tournaments. Apparently, neither of them made it and that's too bad. Then there is the Barry Bonds trying to break the home run record. You know, I'm torn about the whole steroid thing. The way I figure is, if you want to use drugs and destroy your body for 10 minutes of fame - go for it, just be honest about it. Do like the bodybuilding community does. Have 2 competitions; those that use steroids and those that don't. What I don't understand is why anyone would even want world series tickets with all this crap about steroids and all. Okay, actually, baseball is one of the most boring games ever. Rates right up there with watching golf (not something I do regularly :) Okay, enough about sports.

Well, that's all I've got. I'm all rested and relaxed and really don't have too much to say. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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