It appears that the Haleiwa Triathlon is not going to happen this year. I've searched everywhere and all references to it are disappearing. I've got a call in to the race director to get confirmation but it doesn't look good. It looks like the Na Wahine may be my first and last of the season. Oh well.....

I'm focusing on the Century Ride in 9 days - ahhhhh!!!! No, it will be fun and I can't wait.

After the tri I realized that my aerobic capacity had really diminished. I knew I needed to improve it if I have any hope of doing good next year. So I started looking through all my training logs (thank god I'm anal and keep them all :) and went back to the fall of 2005. I was at my lowest weight and in the best shape aerobically. I looked over what I was doing and realized I was doing aerobics 6 days a week, strength training, running and biking (sometimes the running and biking were the aerobic work). So I'm adding aerobics back into the routine. I'm concentrating on riding until the Century is over, then it's going to be more aerobics with biking and running and strength training. Work with what I know works. I'm still trying to figure out when to start swimming. The first tri of the season is in April so I'm thinking of starting swimming in January, I don't know........

Well, I should get back to work. I have a lot to do and sitting at the computer is not getting it done. I think the secretary is looking at conference tables this morning. Or maybe it's postage machines, I don't know...... I do know I'm all alone in the lab and slacking off :)


Duane said…
Sorry to hear about the Tri! What is the route for your century?
Vickie said…
If swimming isn't a regular part of your routine right now, starting in January would be good. But you will need to be consistent. If you start now, you can play around with it a little until January.

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