03 September 2007

The end of a long weekend.

Wow, summer is over, essentially. From here on out it's holidays and cooler weather and bleah!!

Over on the sidebar you'll notice I've put up my training schedule for this week. I've worked out a plan for the century ride at the end of the month and added some running in just because I suck at it ;) I will update this every night and change it every Sunday. I'm very excited about this. Having a plan and something to work towards has really added a new dimension to my attitude.

I went out for a ride this morning and my legs were toast. I had a real problem getting a decent cadence going. So I just took it easy and cruised. I shifted to an easier gear, got the cadence up and just had fun. By the time I was done my legs actually felt better then they did when I started. Guess I worked all the lactic acid from yesterday's run out.

Anyway, it was on that ride that my earlier post kind of sunk in. I know I want to do the century ride but I didn't have a plan to train for it. I had a vague notion of biking 3-4 days a week and going long on the weekend... Kind of unformed really. Then I opened up the Muscle & Fitness Hers that I had picked up last week, and low and behold there's a training plan for a century ride. Since I only plan on doing the 25 mile option, I altered it and wa-la, I have a training program and something to focus on.

For the running, I just took a novice 5K training program and added it in. I just want to run regularly for a while to get back into it. In October I'll change it up and work more on speed and stuff.

Well, that looks like it for now. I'm so excited about it all I may piss my pants. Maybe I should check into incontinence supplies :) Hey, you can't be too careful.


Vickie said...

I sometimes wish I had some of those!

Good for you finding that training program. I find it much easier to stay motivated if (a) I have a training schedule and (b) I sign up for a race! Puts the fear of training into you.

Anna said...

I read this post last night during an extremely trying bout of insomnia. I HAD to go out today and buy that magazine. I've been wanting a training schedule for a century and I thank you for posting about it!!

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