05 September 2007

Let me tell you a story.

This story is about a girl who got a new bike. She was very excited about her new bike and couldn't wait to ride. She got it on a Monday. She rode it on Tuesday. Then she rode it again on Thursday. Then she rode it again on Saturday. Then on Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday. And her body hurt.

I have never hit the wall, or reached a point where I just could not go on. In some races I've come very close but always managed to dig just a little deeper and keep moving. This morning there was nothing left. The riding I've done may not be a lot to most of you, but to me it's been a killer. I was supposed to do 12 brisk miles this morning. I headed out and my legs felt like lead, just like they have for the past 2 mornings. I figured this would pass like it has. I had worked out a 6 mile loop and thought I'd just do that twice. Some rolling hills so I'd get some interval work but nothing that should kill me. I got to the 4 mile mark of the first loop and there was nothing left. I couldn't get my cadence above 70. My legs were screaming. My hands were screaming. Other parts were screaming. It was not good. I finished the first loop and called it a day. It was interesting because it's the first time anything like that has happened. Tomorrow is a very short run so I can sleep in a little and go slow and rest the legs.

When I woke this morning it was pouring rain. I initially thought my ride may be called because of rain. But it stopped in plenty of time. The thing was there were big black rain clouds hanging out and it was really dark. I wish I could get some outdoor lighting for my bike route. That would be cool.


Duane said...

Did I miss the pic of the new bike?

angelfish24 said...

Maybe getting back to the biking too much too soon? Hadn't it been a while since you biked? Your distance and stamina will come in time.
I have a hard time on hills. I can do the distance but do too many easy routes so looking for some harder ones to try.
Hope you have a good week.


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