The Bike

Duane, this is for you. Apparently I never posted a decent picture of the new bike, so here it is:

I'm still searching for her name. I've been referring to her as Pinky because she has some attitude but is most definitely female. You definitely have to stay calm and relaxed when riding her or she gets all twitchy.

I'm getting used to the aerobars. They are really scary but very comfortable position to be in. I also noticed that I go faster in aero position. Huh! Who knew???

(Please notice the pink pedals. How cool is that?)


Ladyrunner said…
OMGosh!! She's gorgeous!!
momo said…
LOVE it! she's very pretty and pink!
Irene said…
Even before you said "Pinky," that's what I was thinking. She looks like a Pinky!
Duane said…
Nice bike! I'm having bike envy! :-)
Vickie said…
Oooh, I love it! Looking at the seat though? You need to adjust it slightly down. It will make riding painless. Also, your legs will eventually stop feeling like lead and you will be surprised at how much stronger they feel.
Hoto said…
just call her lucil. that`s a good name for a triathlon bike.

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