18 September 2007

Life Balance

I am a firm believer in the power of the mind. I believe that what you think is what will be. I believe in The Secret (although I'm not sure about getting jewelry by believing it). I have found a guy that I really like. His name is Clay Nelson and he's a life coach. I've received a set of 3 of his CDs and I have to tell you they are pretty amazing.

The CD set has 3 discs. It's called "Getting Started Series, Having a Say in How Your Life Turns Out." I love that title. I absolutely believe that how your life turns out is in your control. I can pretty much trace back every thing that's going on now with decisions I made in the past. I've controlled it all.

The 1st disc is "Creating Your Purpose." In this disc he takes you through how to develop your own purpose statement for your life. I haven't done this yet but I plan to after I listen to the CD a couple of more times.

The 2nd disc is "How to Let Fear Serve You." This is really powerful and it really spoke to me. I have a habit of letting fear rivet me to a spot (either physically or psychologically). In here he explains a lot about fear and how to take it's power away. I loved this one.

The 3rd disc is "Commitment." Not necessarily to other people but to yourself and how you want to live your life. He explains the difference between commitment and involvement. Imagine a breakfast of eggs and bacon. The chicken was involved in the breakfast, the pig was committed. I love that. This subject ties in with disc 2 and the fear.

All three of these discs are powerful and very informative. I've listened to all 3 of them twice so far and each time I hear something new. I plan on listening to them again and sitting down and developing my purpose statement.

These discs would be really helpful to athletes. You could focus this on sports and use it to make yourself a better athlete. That's how I'm going to use them. That's the kind of person I want to be and these are going to help me be that person.


Irene said...

Thanks for posting about this. I might just check it out. I also believe in the power of the mind, have for years, even before "The Secret." Sometimes we just need a little push in the right direction when things in life get overwhelming or (in my case)lack luster. I'll have to check out his CD's.

angelfish24 said...

Might be a good thing to check out....my life is a little crazed at the moment.

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