11 September 2007


I forgot to update my workout schedule yesterday. I'll do it tonight when I get home.

I had a chiro appointment this morning at 11. I've really been having issues with my back, my hip, my plantar, blah, blah, blah. I finally decided to do something about it since they are not getting better on their own. It was interesting.

The good news is that everything is fixable and really, it all boils down to a hip problem. My right hip has rotated backwards slightly. This has caused all number of maladjustment's up and down my spine.

I do need to get orthotics as my arches are really falling. This chiro is a sports guy and also does ART (active release therapy). He's going to do the ART on my plantar and IT band because there is scar tissue built up there. Meanwhile, we will work on getting the old bod back into alignment so everything will work the way it should.

The bad news is, my back is in bad shape. It's been heading this way for years and years. It's going to take time to really fix it good. But, there's no reason I can't continue to train and race, so that's good.

The other bad part is my medical insurance doesn't cover this - it figures :( But, if I can afford acupuncture on a dog, I can afford a chiro for me.

The weird part is that I can run and nothing hurts. I must have a better form running than I do walking.

Well, I should get back to work. I took 2 hours at the chiro, I probably should get some work done today :)

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