What a difference

a couple of millimeters make.

I had the tri shop adjust my bike seat so it tilted upward slightly. Wow, what a difference it makes. I'm constantly sitting on my sits bones (as they say in yoga) and not on more sensitive parts. It rounds my back just a tiny bit more and I think that actually helps. Also, my hands did not go numb this time. Only towards the very end. Way better!!

It is starting to get darker in the mornings and that's no good. I won't be able to ride my bike much longer at this rate. Actually, it's only too dark from December to early Feb. So I should be okay for a while. When December comes maybe I'll get some
quoizel lighting to light up the street so I can still ride. Won't the roosters love that :)


Lisa said…
The discomfort of a bike seat is one of the main reasons I wouldn't choose biking as an exercise. You have my extreme admiration for taking action.
Vickie said…
Maybe you should try to put your bike on a trainer if you can get your hands on one. Maybe your boss has one she doesn't use much? (As if, right?)
momo said…
yep, having your bike shop help with your fitting is well worth it! i'm glad you had good results!
Glad the seat adjustment is working for you. I think I need to have my seat adjusted by someone who knows what they are doing. I had good luck doing that with my Giant; not sure why I'm reluctant with my Lemond.
Vickie said…
I told you so about the seat! Makes the difference between wanting to ride or not.
Duane said…
Since it's all about the bike, it realy boils down to "It's all about the butt"! Glad you had an adjustment! :-)

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