So today....

didn't start out so well. Yesterday the chiro did an adjustment on my back and I felt pretty good most of the day. I was excited since I hadn't felt that good in a while. Then last night the back and hip started to get achy again. That was to be expected, one adjustment is not going to cure everything. But this morning, oh this morning. I woke up and my hip was on fire. I was in agony!! I ended up not doing anything this morning because of the hip. I knew that working out wouldn't have hurt it but I was in such pain I didn't think I'd be able to do much. So I passed. It got better as the day progressed.

I went this afternoon and got x-rays of my lower back. The chiro wanted to see x-rays before he did a lot of treatments because my back has been so bad for so long he wants to make sure it's not some deformity. I see him again tomorrow with my films. Can you scan x-rays?? I could show you my back :)

I'm playing tomorrow by ear. If I feel okay in the morning I'll train, if not, I won't. You don't know how much of a relief it is to know this stuff can be corrected.

I'm tired tonight and hubby is off playing poker. I think I'll head to bed early.


Fe-lady said…
Hope your back snaps back into place soon! I coughed this morning and pulled a deep muscle inside my mid-back. Hurts like hell...and even to breathe. At least I know it's musculature in nature and will eventually go away! Hope you get in some training 'cause you feel good!
Mary said…
Hope you feel better soon.

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