12 September 2007

You learn something new everyday.

Some things I just never think about. I never consider how things get done they just do. Consider spas. Now who doesn't love spas?? Who doesn't think a spa day is the greatest thing on earth. Now I personally have never spent an entire day at the spa, but I can imagine how nice it would be.

A new spa recently opened at Windward Mall near me. I actually watched the construction and installation of all the equipment since it is located right next to Ruby Tuesday's. I thought at the time, a spa takes a huge amount of coordination. Not only for construction but in the day to day operations. You have people doing this and that and that. You have to keep track of multiple appointments for one person so you maximize the use of your personnel. Wow, boggles the mind.

So imagine my surprise when I discover a website that offers spa software that handles these things. Who knew?? Seriously, it has all. It helps you track your sales and does all your daily accounting work. It helps you keep track of your customers so you can provide better service to them. It helps you track the staff so you can keep the good ones and find the deadwood. Unbelievable. I mean really, would you have thought about this if you weren't a spa owner??? Salon software, who knew?? Some things I just don't think about.

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