21 September 2007


Well the new Survivor started. I'm having trouble figuring out exactly where in China they are. I know very little about China's geography mainly because I've never been much interested in the east. But I am curious as to where they are exactly.

So a couple of thoughts.
-The girl from New York is so bloody annoying. She acts like New York is the center of the universe. Newsflash, it's not!!!
-The wrestler, ummm.... weak. I mean she was sick to her stomach. She's a wrestler!! She's tough!! Jeez, if she can take being taken down she should be able to weather an upset stomach.
-Chicken. I could not understand half of what that man said.

It looks to be an interesting season. I can't believe I'm still watching Survivor :)

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Unknown said...

I hardly watch any TV at all. I usually try to watch Survivor and American Idol and that is pretty much it, except for whatever Husband might be watching in the bedroom when I'm trying to go to sleep.

In the past, however, I've made sure to record Survivor. I am not sure about this season yet. And yeah, where exactly in China are they? I haven't figured that out either.


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