22 October 2007

Do you know what I hate??

When some supposed authority says something bad. It really doesn't matter what the thing is or who the authority is, it just drives me crazy.

First off, very few things are outright bad. Most things fall into categories of grey. So for anyone to say something is bad is usually downright wrong.

Second, in some instances that thing may be the better choice. For instance, let's say some expert says coffee is bad for you. Well that's debatable, but given the choice between drinking coffee or drinking soda, I think coffee would be a better choice. So, faced with 2 not so great choices you pick the "bad" one because it's better than the other.

I hope this is making sense. I was reading some stuff tonight that was saying how bad the elliptical machine is. They were saying that you aren't really using any muscles it's all momentum. That you work up a sweat and breath hard because that's what your body does anytime it moves. It ticked me off a little. I have an elliptical and maybe it's because it's a manual or maybe I was taught to use it right, but I get a muscle screaming workout on that thing.

They said the sweat and breathing hard happens anytime you move your body. That's not totally true. I can walk for hours and sweat but not have it pouring off my body. I can walk for hours and not breath hard at all. When I do the elliptical I literally drip sweat and breath like an asthma patient.

Also, I thought the idea was to work your aerobic system. Isn't breathing hard and high heart rate aerobic?? Does it really matter how it happens as long as it happens?? GRRRRR!!! It just kind of pissed me off. You get these experts saying the elliptical is bad and people who need to do something, anything, will avoid it and maybe not do anything at all.

I'm sure this makes no sense what so ever but it just really got under my skin. Okay, I'm off my soapbox now and ready to move on with my life.

Heroes is on now. I'm going to go watch it and wish for flat panel televisions to fill my house :)

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angelfish24 said...

I think the elliptical is good. Ok, maybe it's some momentum but if it makes us sweat a lot and hard and getting the heart rate up then it is working.

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