21 October 2007

I are a runner again

and I'm so pleased I just can't tell you.

I went out for my "long" run this morning. I decided to go 2 miles. That is the longest I've run in months and months and months and months......well, you get the idea!! It felt so good and I was so tempted to keep going but common sense prevailed. I do not want to get injured just as I'm starting. So I stopped at 2 miles.

The exciting part?? I ran 12:30 min/mile!! That's amazing for me. That's speedy!! For me anyway. I was very excited when I got done and saw the time/pace. I was so excited.

Then I came home and completely rearranged my computer/birdie room. It was hard work but it looks awesome and I'm very happy with it.

So that was my day. I'm very tired but it got so hot here I couldn't even rest. UGH!! It was weird. I was sitting at the computer here and I literally felt the temperature go up suddenly. Finally, the sun is now going down so it's starting to cool off.

Okay, that's it for me. I have to finish the laundry so I can get to bed at a decent hour. Hope everyone had a good weekend.


Vickie said...

Good job! You're doing it. Keep it up! You will feel so much accomplishment, more than I can tell you, if you can overcome this. I know that's how I finally am feeling again!

Unknown said...

Good job for getting out there and running so well after such a long break. And you sound happy too. YAY!!

Anonymous said...

nice progress! I can tell you are sticking with this much more than the traditional "start-and-quit" type of person who burns themselves out prematurely. That is a good show of restraint in preventing injury.

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