26 October 2007


Well, after yesterdays fun with fellow bloggers it was back to the routine today. Since I didn't run yesterday, I got up this morning did my weights and then went for a short run. It was good. My pace was 12:04/mile. You have no idea how excited I am about that pace and that I repeated it and that it still hasn't killed me. I'm a very happy runner. When I started out I was actually doing 11:34/mile but slowed down on the way back. Happy, happy, happy!!

Tomorrow I'm doing something that I'm really very excited about. I'm taking a class to become part of EARS (Emergency Animal Rescue Service). I will train to assist animals in disasters. I'm really looking forward to this. I plan on getting into rescue type work with the next dog I get and I figure this is a great place to start. So I'll be in class all day tomorrow but it will be worth the effort. In the event of a disaster, I know my animals will be okay because hubby and I have a plan for them. I figure one thing I can do is help other animals that aren't so lucky.

So the hubby will be on his own tomorrow. God knows what he'll get up to. He'll probably go shopping for Ingersoll Rand air tools. Just what he needs, more tools.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll be back late tomorrow or Sunday.


IronWaddler said...

Flo- great job on the pace!

Vickie said...

Great running! It just takes patience and time. Eventually things come together. Just be consistent.

Anonymous said...

I have good BRS's, but I've never thought about looking into this!

Thanks for spuring my interest.

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