26 October 2007

In health news.....

I'm always reading up on health and fitness stuff. I'm a voracious reader anyway and will read just about anything. Recently I've been hearing about chelation.

As a chemist I know that chelation is the binding of metal ions. That's a very simplistic explanation but basically that's it. They say that it's good for the body too. Now, I honestly don't know a lot about that but I'm curious to learn. They say that EDTA will enter the bloodstream and bind with the heavy metals. They will then be eliminated from the system. Now I know heavy metals are not good for the body but some metals are necessary. I've read that metals and even minerals, can build up in the bloodstream, accumulate and harden, and that's really bad. Now, in theory that's a great idea. Since blood supplies oxygen to the organs and muscles, making the blood flow better would supply more oxygen and that would be a great thing.

I've read that chelation therapy is used on heart patients. Cleaning up the blood can only be good for the heart. EDTA is available in a number of forms, IV, suppository, and liquid. I've read that the liquid form is readily absorbed into the body and works the quickest. IV or suppositories can take 6 months to work. The liquid form seems to work in 6 weeks.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure about this but it does make me wonder. It might be something worth investigating and getting more info on. I rarely rule anything out until I investigate it fully and this looks like something that needs more investigation.

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