24 October 2007

It never fails

I get up early with the best intentions and then get sidetracked. I hate it.

I got up early this morning and decided to do some computer maintenance before I worked out. Well, I got busy, lost track of time and before I knew it, it's too late to start working out. That's bad. But, I'm thinking it may be a good idea. All day yesterday my knee bothered me a little. I have no cartilage in my right knee and while running usually doesn't bother it, I have to build up the strength of the surrounding muscles to support the knee. Since I just started running again, some of the thigh muscles are not as strong as I'd like them to be. So maybe a day of rest is a good idea. Tomorrow I have off. Hopefully I'll be meeting up with Fe-Lady and her hubby. If not, I still plan on going out and playing. I'm dying to do some hiking so I think that will be on the agenda.

So that's my story this morning. I'm sitting at my desk watching a beautiful sunrise, it's going to be a gorgeous day.

I realized the other day that I stopped taking my vitamins and nutritional supplements. I'm not sure when I stopped and I'm not sure why I stopped, but stop I did. Which means I also stopped giving the dogs their glucosamine. Hmmm.... wonder what the heck I was thinking???

Well, I got my computer maintenance done and I probably should consider getting ready for work. I'm very much looking to having tomorrow off.

1 comment:

angelfish24 said...

At least your still working out some days and that counts for a lot. I'm just busy studying these days and I miss my workouts. I have to find time somewhere to do them.

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