25 October 2007

Celebrity Blogger Meet Up

Today I had my first blogger meet up and it was cool. Fe-Lady and her husband are in town for the day only and we had the chance to spend some time together. And what fun it was.

I tried to come up with something to do that would be fun and different and not necessarily touristy. I had thought to take them up to a waterfall with a pool you can swim in but it rained last night and was raining in the mountain when I came over so I knew the trail would be a muddy mess. So we decided to head up Makapuu. It's a nice paved trail up to a lookout that allows you to see the windward side. There's also a lighthouse you can look down on.

On the way to Makapuu we stopped at the infamous blowhole and took some pictures.

Here is Fe-lady and her sweetheart of a husband at the Blowhole. If you look closely you will see rain clouds in the background. We did get rained on a little but not too badly.

Here we have Fe-Lady and I overlooking from Here to Eternity Beach. It was very windy today as you can tell from our lovely hairstyles :)

So we hiked up Makapuu and then I took them into Kailua for lunch. Cheryl said she wanted to go somewhere local so I took them to a little deli the locals like to go to.

I can't tell you what a great time I had. Cheryl and her husband are both really nice people and we didn't stop talking the entire time.

This is the first time I've met a blogger in person and I was surprised. I was a tiny bit apprehensive what would we say, would we just talk about tris, would it be awkward??? It turned out to be really easy. We introduced ourselves and then it was like we were old friends. We just started talking and didn't stop the entire time. It was great. And very interesting since this is the first time I've experienced it.

Anyway, I hope they enjoyed the morning since I had a great time, and I definitely hope to see them again soon. Maybe hubby and I will take a trip to Arizona next year.


Irene said...

I've just come back from a run weekend where I met several bloggers, at the same time! We all got along like we knew each other for years! No awkwardness - the conversation just kept rolling. I'm glad you had a good time.

Vickie said...

Great pics! And you were one of the lucky ones to get to meet up with Cheryl & Brant. I hope to meet up with them again (and maybe even you!) in the future! Loved the flowbee look! By the time you meet with someone on the blogs, it is like you're old friends.

Fe-lady said...

Glad we lived up to your expectations! Got home at 3:30 a.m. our time today (Wed.) and I am now finishing unpacking and doing laundry and trying to figure out what food we need in this place! (Not fun!) I will be posting about our wonderful meet-up with you and the rest of our trip soon! You too lived up to- no EXCEEDED any expectations we had about a blogger meet up! Thanks for everything! :-) xo Brant and Cheryl

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