06 October 2007

Oh Happy Day.....*

A miracle occurred this morning. An absolute, confirmable miracle!!! I got out of bed with no pain in my foot. Did you hear that??? No, none, nada, zippo, zero, zilch, pain. OH. MY. GOD. I do not know the last time that happened. I have woken up with plantar pain every morning for at least the last 8 - 9 months, possibly longer. Call the Pope, I have a miracle.

It's funny because I was doing the dishes last night and I realized I had no heel pain. Usually standing still causes the heel pain to flare up. Last night - nothing. And I thought to myself, I wonder how long I've been pain free. I know when I got up yesterday morning my foot hurt like normal. But at some point during the day the pain went away and I didn't notice it. It was still gone this morning. Oh Joy!!! I know it's not over and it will be back, but this at least gives me hope that we may be able to make it go away completely. You have no idea the joy and elation that fills my heart with that thought.

In other weird medical news. Yesterday at lunch time I got an ophthalmic migraine. I was sitting down to eat my lunch and read the newspaper when I realized that I had this weird jagged circle in my vision with flashing rainbow lights. I could hardly read and it was very scary. I had just reached the point where I was ready to call a doctor when I mentioned that something was wrong with my eye. I explained what was happening and my boss said, that's an ophthalmic migraine. She gets them. How weird is that? Not only had I never heard of this, but she gets them and knew exactly what it was??? Weird. Anyway, she said they pass pretty quickly and just to wait it out. Sure enough, in about 20 minutes it was gone. Weird. She had never met anyone else who got them and suddenly I have one. Weird. They don't really know what brings it on, it's not stress or anything like that, just a spasm in a blood vessel. Weird.

That's all really. I'm celebrating my pain free foot and hoping that migraine doesn't return.

*Extra points to anyone who knows what song this is and where it's from :)


Anonymous said...

What have you been doing for your heel pain? I have had it too since I started running outside about 3 months ago. It is the most nerve-wrecking thing!!! UGH!

Vickie said...

Glad that has cleared up, and I hope it stays cleared up! I've had it on and off for years too, and it is very annoying, painful, and distracting. And its great when it suddenly disappears, as mine did too. We must be doing something right!

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