08 October 2007

I've been distracted

I'm bird sitting. That is not that distracting but I'm sitting 3 birds. 2 moluccan cockatoos and a goffin cockatoo.

One of the Moluccans, Tatu, is the bird I sit all the time so no problem there. I've know her all her life and we get along fine.

The Goffin is also not a problem. She's only 20 months old so is just a baby and a real sweetie. Although a little nippy. It seems that the smaller the bird the more nippy they tend to be. Like dogs.

The other Moluccan,Fluffy, though is the problem. He's a mutilator. He plucks the feathers off his chest, then rubs the skin till it bleeds, then he licks it. He has this nasty wound on his chest that is never going to heal. He needs to go to a vet and have this thing looked at. He needs a collar, like the dogs wear, that won't allow him to reach this wound. That's a problem but the real problem is his owner. Bill is a surfer guy who doesn't have a regular job and lives hand to mouth. He lives in a 12'x17' room on the north shore and never has any money. He's also about 60 years old and should know better. He doesn't have the money to provide the kind of care that Fluffy needs. He doesn't feed them fresh foods, they get mostly pellets. Now that I've spent a couple of days with Fluffy I'm really, really angry at Bill. This bird deserves someone who can invest the time and money to make him better. Once a bird starts mutilating it's pretty much a lifetime problem. What may start out as a physical problem rapidly becomes a psychological one. I know a number of birds that pluck and/or mutilate. It's sad but they can live healthy, happy lives if they have the right owner. I'm just so angry with Bill. This is totally irresponsible of him to keep these birds when he doesn't have the ability, financial or otherwise, to take care of them. I plan on telling him exactly how I feel and what I think when he gets back. Until then I'm feeding his birds well and trying make Fluffy feel as safe and secure as possible.

Okay, I got that out and I feel better. In other news, I have been working out almost everyday and the foot remains pain free. Tomorrow is the big test as tomorrow I run. We shall see what happens after that. Also, I can not believe what a huge difference some orthotics make. For some reason I'm not quite sure of now, I've avoided getting them for years. What an idiot. They are wonderful. I wear them all the time since I'm on my feet all day and my feet feel awesome at the end of the day. These are the greatest thing since sliced bread!! I will be getting another pair since these are so great.

Also, my cell phone is acting up. I don't know what's wrong with it, it's not that old so what's the deal. Maybe I should just get a cell phone booster and see if that's help. Ugh!! I'm not in the frame of mind to deal with these little annoyances.

That's pretty much all I have to say. My mornings and evenings are taken up with bird care. I really like these birds and I love Tatu, but I can't wait till they all go home :)

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