16 October 2007

The week

Do your days have certain feel to them?? Wait, is this a Seinfeld routine?? Seriously, Monday is kind of ugh, start the work week. Tuesday just kind of hums along. Wednesday is good because it's the middle of the week. Thursday always seems kind of busy. And then there's Friday. Probably the best day of the week.

So today is Tuesday. Nothing exciting, just humming along. I've been working on getting my workouts in. Last week kind of threw me for a loop and this week is focused on getting back on track. I'm running and that is a good thing.

I don't really have all that much to say. I'm just cruising along trying to get back into my routine. You know, I love routines. Routines is what helped me get in the great shape I had been in. Routine helped me lose weight. Routine allows me time to do things I like. So I really like routine. Last week my routine was all jumbled and I'm working really hard on getting it back. So far so good.

On my drive to work in the morning there is a Ford Edge. I am so coveting that car. I can not justify buying a new car when my Escape is in great shape. I've taken exceptional care of it and it runs like a top. I can not justify getting a new car just because I want one. But I guess I can covet :) At least the Edge doesn't need a car spoiler to look hot. It does that all by itself.

Okay, enough blabbing. I do have a good post to write over at The Ones Who Get Screwed. If you want to laugh at the insane State of Hawaii go check it out.

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