23 November 2007

All I want is a couple days off.

And I got them. It's been a good couple of days.

Yesterday we got up and went out to breakfast. I then lounged around most of the afternoon and read. I love that!! Then we went over to some friends house for dinner. We had a great meal, great conversation, a little too much beer, and a really good time. Definitely a great way to spend the holiday.

I had off today also and it ended up being as lazy, or possibly more so. I got up this morning and a 2 mile run was on the schedule. I figured my neck was feeling good enough, I could do the run. I headed out about 7:30 am and had an idea that I'd try to run a little faster than normal because it was only 2 miles. I quickly realized that the beer I consumed last night was going to present a problem this morning. My legs felt great, I definitely could have gone faster with my legs. But my breathing wasn't keeping up. It was a little pathetic. But I gutted out 2 ugly miles and got it done. I ended up doing 12:15/mile so it wasn't a total loss.

When I got home though my neck was really bothering me. I ended up laying down to rest it and spent some time there reading. I had a chiro appointment this afternoon so now it's feeling much better. It clearly is going to take some time to heal this.

Meanwhile, I have been investigating land for sale on the Big Island. We are seriously considering buying some vacant land and building in a couple of years. We would do this whether or not we bought a house here. Oh, who knows. We are thinking.

That's it for me. Tomorrow and Sunday will be much more productive days. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Anyone go shopping today???

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