23 November 2007

Hawaii Won!!!!

The UH football won their game tonight against Boise. It was a really big game, probably the biggest one in UH history. If you follow college football at all you will remember Boise had that dream season last year. They went undefeated and then beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. It was the type of season movies are made about. So UH had to face Boise. All season the football pundits have been saying that UH probably won't beat Boise. Boise is going to be hard to beat. Boise is the big game. Boise, Boise, Boise....... I kept saying, don't count UH out just yet.

UH is having their dream season this year. It's been a real joy to watch. Colt Brennan, the quarterback, is in the running for all kinds of awards, the Heisman among them. They went into this game 10-0. They beat Nevada in a squeaker last week. They are literally having the season of a lifetime. I kept saying, you can not quantify the high they are on. You can count touchdowns, and field goals, and yards rushing and passing, blah, blah, blah. You can not quantify the excitement and adrenalin that comes from having a season like they are having. I tried to equate it to doing a race.

Everyone has had that race. The one where everything goes right. The one where you can do no wrong. You hit the timing mats knowing you are swimming/biking/running the best you have ever in your life. The one where you know you are going to PR and there's nothing you can do to change it. The one where you could go on forever. The one where you smile from beginning to end because you know you've nailed it. That one. That is the kind of season UH is having and you can not quantify that or calculate it's impact on your performance.

That's the kind of season UH is having. They have one more game to play and I hope they win that one too. I hope they get their fairytale season and I hope they get a bowl berth. Because you can't count out THAT feeling and how far it will take you.

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