11 November 2007

Sunday morning

I'm leaving in a little while to go climb to the top of Koko Crater with some friends. I have never hiked to the top. It's 1,200' up. This should be interesting. I'm going with a woman who has done 25 Ironman. One woman does ultrarunning, her last race being Western States. Oh yeah, she was pacer for Badwater. And the final woman has swum all but 1 of the channels here in Hawaii. She swims for 4 hours at a time just for fun. All these women are over 50. I'll be the youngest and weakest there. This should be real fun. No, actually it will be. All three of these women are awesome and I want to be just like them when I grow up.

It will be a busy day. After the hike I have a bird club meeting. Then I have to do the grocery shopping. Then get the laundry all done. I'll try to get back later with some pictures of the hike. It's looks like a pretty nice day so there should be some good pictures.

1 comment:

Fe-lady said...

I bet one of them is Wendy! And the other lady is that gal you talked about that swam 36 miles or something like that!
Yes, I want pictures! Hope the weather stayed clear and sunny for you-of course I KNOW it got rainier as you topped out!

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