It's a small world??? Not anymore!!!

Disneyland is closing down their It's a Small World Ride for 10 months starting in January to refurbish it. Seems that boats keep bottoming out in 2 places along the ride. When this happens they have to ask people to exit the boat to lighten the load.

Disney officials, being ever tactful, say it's because fiberglass has built up on the boats over the years. They would never say it's because people have gotten fatter!!!! They are going to make the flume 1" deeper and the boats more buoyant. Right, that doesn't scream you're too fat at all.

When they do ask people to exit the boat they don't try to make them feel bad though. They give them a food coupon for their trouble. I'm pretty sure that's the last thing they need.


BreeWee said…
That is the funniest thing I have read all morning! I grew up in Florida and know that ride VERY well! I can just picture Disney asking for people to get off their boat has issues! Ha ha ha GREAT laughs!
Vickie said…
Its a fat fat world after all!
Fe-lady said…
signs of the times...sad but funny too!
Lynne said…
That's sort of funny! Maybe they should continue playing the music while the ride is being renovated for the park guests. Of course, the crew working on the renovation would have to leave in straight jackets!

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