Winter has arrived

and I'm not liking it at all. It was cold last night before I went to bed but that was nothing compared to this morning. It had to be in the low 60's. I was so freaking cold..... Okay, I don't want to hear it. The 60's are seriously cold when you live in a place where the average temp is 85. Our houses are not built for heat. My house is single wall construction, no insulation, windows that don't close tight, some don't close at all. No, these are not built for temps below 70ish. Right now it's 76 and I'm sitting here in flannel pj's and socks. I hate winter.

So the alarm went off this morning and I stuck my hand out to hit the snooze and nearly froze. I ended up hitting the snooze one too many times and didn't have time to get my run in. I did get my strength workout in. I dug out my long running pants (actually they only come to the knees) and my long sleeved running shirt. Brrr...... Anyway, I was supposed to run today and rest tomorrow. I'll just swap the days. I do hope it's not that cold tomorrow though.

I have no doubt that I'll be digging out the heavy sweats in just a couple of weeks.

Comments said…
I have wait a long for the snow.
Vickie said…
Too funny! This is a joke, right?? Today I got up to temps in the 20s and my car covered with snow. I saw two people running in shorts at lunch. We are a tough lot, living in the land where the sun won't shine now for months. But I honestly don't think God intended that we live in these temps. I mean, you're born without clothes, so why would you want to live where you have to wear layers for months at a time and have no sunshine??
momo said…
i think its because people like us that live in warm temps most of the year have thinner skin or thinner blood - something like that! when it gets cold (50's) here, i'm freezing too!
angelfish24 said…
We're getting 30's and 40's hear in Washington so would love to get your 60's as that feels warm to us!

Your running skirt looks cute, never tried one.
Fe-lady said…
Yes, people hate you (and me, and Momo) right now. We are cold-wimps!
But 60 IS perfect running weather you KNOW!
In my book, temps in the 60s are too hot! Guess that happens when you grow up in Maine... said…
I love winter. Maybe it is the reason of not having any snowing. we don't have snow in winter. It is my favourite season.

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