01 December 2007

The Last Day.....

I did it. I made it 30 days blogging on all 3 blogs. I'm very proud of myself. It really has helped me get some focus on the other 2 blogs. This blog has always been and always will be about health and fitness. But the other 2 were trying to find their voices. This month of blogging definitely helped.

Now, on to fitness. Since I didn't get up because of the cold yesterday (and no Vickie, I'm not joking :), today ended up being a running day. Yesterday it was so cold because we had not cloud cover overnight. There was no insulation to hold the heat in. This morning when I woke up I noticed that it wasn't as cold as yesterday and it was really cloudy. I ran but it was really humid and hot. Ugh!!! There is no in between here in the winter. It's either cold or humid. Yeah, love the options. But I did it, 2 miles in 25 minutes. I'm really feeling good running and that's the best part.

Okay, I have to close out the month on the other 2 blogs, and it's the weekend - woo hoo!!!

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Vickie said...

Well just to put things in perspective, it is 14 degrees here now, "feels like 1" is the reading. I think I will run on the treadmill! I'll take the humid!

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