2007 is winding down. Unfortunately here in Hawaii where fireworks are legal, it definitely goes out with a bang. The neighborhood I live in really goes all out. They spare no expense on fireworks. I have no doubt hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fireworks will go off before 1 a.m. (that's when they have to stop). I sure wish I had the money to literally burn like that. I know for a fact some of the families on this street are on welfare yet they can afford to do this. It's just wrong. I really think it's time to start looking for some real estate and get the heck out of this hellhole. Every time the suggestion comes up to ban fireworks they pull out this crap of it's a cultural thing. Well you know what??? Human sacrifice used to be a cultural thing yet you managed to give that up!!! It just ticks me off so bad. What parent lets their children play with gun powder???? They should all have their children taken away for being rotten parents.

Okay, I know I rant about this every New Year and every fourth of July. But it pisses me off every time. But I'll stop. I've got a long post to write, I have a meme to do, and tomorrow I'll have a race report to write. I've been cleaning and organizing and getting ready to start the new year. I went and rejoined the Y today. Swimming starts on Wednesday. I should probably go dope up the dogs. Have a Happy everyone!!!


Irene said…
Happy New Year!!!!
Fe-lady said…
We are SO one the same page with our thinking...hubby too! Thank you! Love your comment about human sacrifice...maybe that's the underlying reason for letting their kids play with gun powder! Heh!

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