05 December 2007

It happened again.....

At exactly 3:48 this morning we got hit with some seriously bad weather. It was pouring rain and 60 mph winds. It took some roofs off. At exactly 3:52 the power went out. You might have guessed I was awake. You'd be right. I was pretty much awake for the rest of the morning. It rained and the wind blew and it stayed dark for a long, long time. You might have guessed I didn't get my run in. You'd be right. Without any power there was nothing else I could really do either. Bummer.

The rain finally stopped about 6 and the power was restored by 7:30, but the roads were a big, giant mess. There were trees down and roads flooded and all kinds of mayhem. I didn't leave for work until 9 am. It was much better by then.

So I didn't get a workout in this morning. But, I did pick up an exercise bicycle and did that tonight. It's not too shabby. I got it off Craigslist for $25.00. You really can't go wrong at that price. So I got my mandatory 30 minutes in tonight. Sweet.

I want to run. I really want to run. If there is the slightest bit of clearing in the morning I'm going to run!!!

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Fe-lady said...

Wow...hope you keep your roof on! I can't imagine how GREEN those mountains are now!
When b ad weather hits...hit the indoor workouts! Transfer HAPPENS! :-)

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