03 December 2007

Just remember that, it's a grand illusion......

I tend to try and take hints when the universe seems to be telling me something. This will probably make no sense at all, but I'll do my best.

Yesterday as I was trudging along, Grand Illusion by Styx came up on the iPod. I love Styx!!!! Then I heard the line, 'so you think your life is complete confusion, because you never win the game' and it started me to thinking. I feel like a winner. Not in everything, but in many things. I'm pretty content with my life now. This lead me to start thinking about my family. Out of 7 kids, 1 is dead, 4 of us are reasonably average, 1 can't seem to hold a job and needs to live off someone, and 1 is in and out of drug rehab. Luckily, I'm in the 4 reasonably average group. So I was feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Later yesterday afternoon I was reading a fitness book and it was pretty rough. The guy was saying that all the excuses for not losing weight and getting fit are bull!! It really resonated with me.

Finally, today I'm at work thinking about how I'm going to schedule my workouts and Styx's The Grand Illusion comes on the radio. Whoa!!!! I do not have to be hit over the head (more than once). The universe is trying to tell me something. It is a grand illusion and every excuse I had was bull. Once I accepted that I was looking at this all wrong, everything fell into place.

It's bizarre and it's not just about working out. My vision was getting skewed and I needed a kick in the pants to get it straightened out. I can take a hint. So, my attitude has been officially adjusted :)

A year ago I got my tattoo with 'Do or do not. There is no try' on it and I've kind of lost that. Not completely as I've been working out and working on getting better, but I did lose it a little.

Okay, that's it, I'm done. This morning was weights and I must say, I kicked my own butt :)

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