02 December 2007

Da Run

Well, it's been raining here all night and the majority of the morning. Today was my long run and I was wondering if I was going to get it in. I'll run in the rain but this was pouring buckets non-stop. I won't run in that.

So I rearranged my plans for the day and went ahead with the weekly biscuit making and house cleaning. Around 9 the rain stopped and the sky seemed to be lightening up. I waited a little bit longer and sure enough, it was clearing a little. I decided this was my window and headed out.

The schedule called for 4 miles. I set out and was so happy to be running. I was looking at the Christmas decorations, some folks on our street go crazy with them, and really enjoying the cool weather. Well, I do not know what happened. Maybe it was too close to breakfast, or the cleaning I had been doing before going. I'm not sure, but this run turned into a death march. I got rained on, not too bad, and I had lots of sun, Ugh!!! I was having some breathing issues, which I'm sure were due to the humidity levels when the sun was out. My little weather thingy says the humidity is only 78% but when the sun shines bright on the wetness I'm sure you can get a temporary spike in it. So it was a pretty brutal run but I gutted it out. Ended up at 4 miles in 52 minutes. A pace of 13 minutes/mile. Very slow, even for me. But I did it, I'm done, and I'm very, very proud of myself :)

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Vickie said...

Hey, you did it despite the difficulty. See how you are progressing mentally? The more you stick with it, no matter how slow,and get it done, the more successful you will be. For me, a lot of times going slow is really what allows me to finish something difficult, so its not all bad! And I think I will post something about workout every day in December.


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