15 December 2007

Looking towards the end

2 weeks from today we will be facing the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008. It's always exciting when a new year begins. I went through this last year so I'll spare you, but I do love beginnings.

2007 was really great in a lot of ways, almost none of which are what I envisioned in 2006. My primary goal in 2007 was to lose the last of this excess weight. That didn't happen. I will most likely end the year at exactly what I started at. But that's okay. I've learned that I was aiming for the wrong things. I've learned that you can't head for a negative, you have to focus on a positive. I've learned that where my mind is is far more important than where my body is. I've learned that I have to be working towards something, not trying to get away from something. All of these lessons are far more important than the few extra pounds I carry.

Last December I had plans for racing this year, I just went back and reread my old posts, but I remember different from what the posts say. I remember being excited for the new year but I also remember a little fear. I had fear playing in my head. I wanted to do some new triathlons but had a fear about them. Interesting that that's what I remember but not what I posted. Hmmm.......

This year is different. I don't feel fear, I feel excitement. I'm taking a proactive approach. I want to get better at biking so I'm taking a biking clinic. I want to be a better runner, so I'm running. I'm working towards a goal of triathlon, not away from being overweight.

Okay, that's it for now. I'm going to work on a race schedule for the coming year.

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