13 December 2007

...so never run just 2 miles.

I made a mental connection this morning. I've been really fit in the past and I know how that feels. One of the problems I've had this year is that, in spite of my working out regularly I haven't felt a higher level of fitness. Since I started running again in October, I've been really consistent in my workouts. I've been getting in my runs, extra cardio, and strength training. For the past week and a half I've been really pushing the strength training. It's all starting to pay off. I awoke this morning with that really fit feeling. So the connection was made in my head. First, I have to build up to really fit. I have to keep at it and let the work accumulate, which it does. Also, I have got to keep pushing myself. Pushing may only register as a tiny bit harder then the previous time, but it all adds up and it all takes it's toll on the muscles. So it's taken me 2 months to feel this good again but I do and I plan to keep pushing.

This morning was a 2 mile run. I was really looking forward to this run after Tuesday. I ran at exactly the same pace I did on Tuesday, 12:26. That is a huge step because I know, once I get consistent in my pacing it will start to get faster. So that was huge and I felt awesome during and after. Yea!!!! This running thing really seems to be working.

I knew this guy who was an awesome athlete. He stopped racing years ago but still runs, swims, and bikes regularly. He once told me that the first mile and the last mile of any run are the hardest, so never run just 2 miles. He was wrong :)


Dances with Corgis said...

heh. i like his theory!

Vickie said...

I go by the "masters" theory: if the first mile is bad, pack it in.


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