Another slow morning....

Last night was biking. We went to this area down near the airport that has nice wide roads and not too much traffic. I had never actually been there at night and could not get over how busy it was. People walking their dogs, running, and of course cycling. There were about 3 training groups there so the road was darn near crowded with bikes.

Anyway, we were practicing riding in a pace line. We would ride down this long wide road, turn around and ride back. Pretty simple and easy right? We kept switching the lead spot so we all got practice leading, following, and dropping back.

On the first turnaround, we were making a u-turn and guess what? I fell!! This is getting annoying. I scrapped my knee and elbow. But the worst part was I jammed a finger on my left hand. It hurt when it happened but I didn't know exactly what I'd done to it. I woke about 2 a.m. with my finger throbbing in pain. I noticed a small cut on the very tip of that finger and realized what I had done. I must of landed straight on it. Now it's slightly swollen and I can't move it. I know it's not broken because I can move it some and it doesn't hurt that much. I'm just pissed at myself. Then of course, I'm all freaked out and scared riding. Ugh!!!!

I know that this falling has to do with my pedals. I'm not positive if they are a little too tight, or if I just don't know what the hell I'm doing, or what. Tomorrow I'm going to set up the turbo trainer and clip and unclip until my head caves in. I'm going to adjust the pedals so I'm comfortable clipping in and out and can do it with ease. I'm also going to practice clipping in and out with both feet. I have a terrible habit of only being able to clip out on the right side. I need to be able to do it with both feet so I'm going to practice until my feet fall off my body.

So I didn't go swimming this morning because of all my various injuries. But that's okay. I may go swim in the ocean on Sunday after biking.

Well, I guess I should think about getting ready for work. TGIF :)


Pokey said…
Way to get up and moving!! And I totally agree ~ TGIF!!!!!!!!!!
IronMatron said…
You may be falling, but at least you're learning! I've no idea how to ride in a pace line or how to draft or how to corner or any of that stuff. I need to take a bike course like you! Sorry about the finger, though. That hurts.
Have a great weekend! I'm soooo jealous x 10 billion that you can swim in the ocean at this time of year...
Vickie said…
Its understandable that you are tired right now. You're doing a lot! Take care of your finger and hopefully its just a strain.
angelfish24 said…
Bummer about your finger! Hope you are feeling better soon and get the hang of those clip ins. I've never used them but they look a little tricky.

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