20 January 2008

A Wall

A giant, brick wall

This is what I ran into this weekend and I think it fell on me.

Thursday and Friday I was feeling pretty tired, as I posted previously. Friday night I came home in a foul mood. I actually got into a fight with hubby! I mean, come one, after a certain point in a relationship you don't fight anymore. I don't remember the last time we got into a fight. Anyway, I knew things were not good when that happened.

When I woke up Saturday morning I just felt blah!! Just blah!! I was scheduled for a run but there was no way I was going. I did talk myself into doing some strength training and some intervals at least. Then I had to run to work, run some errands, take the dogs to the vet, blah,blah, blah........ By the time I got home at 4 pm I was literally wiped out. I felt like a dishrag, I was so tired and weak. After dinner we sat down to watch Pirates' of the Caribbean At World's End (or whatever it called). Within 10 minutes I was sound asleep. I woke up and went to bed at 9 pm. Once I got into bed I had trouble going to sleep. When that happens I really know there's something wrong. I can sleep anytime, anywhere. I finally did get to sleep.

My alarm went off at 4:45 am for my bike clinic. I laid there and seriously debated about not going. My heart was not in it and I knew it was going to be a tough day. But, I finally got up and went. It was okay. I had zero energy and battled the bike the whole time, but I am glad I went. I got a flat on the final leg back to the car, that was a bummer..... At least I didn't fall :)

After I got home, hubby made breakfast and after I laid on the couch for a few minutes. Two hours later I woke up starving. I ate lunch and fell back asleep for another hour. When I woke again I realized what was going on. I had slammed head first into a brick wall. I have not done this in a very, very long time which is why I didn't realize what was going on. I have been pushing myself pretty hard for a pretty long time. I had just reached the end of my energy. Even as I sit here typing this I'm exhausted and feel like I could take a nap before dinner.

I'll be heading to bed very early tonight and I may not do anything in the morning. When I get like this it generally takes me 2-3 days to get back into the swing of things. I guess that's why all the training plans have you dial back the training every 4th week. You body can not take this intensity all the time.

So there you have it. In other news, today's time spent laying on the couch has made it more than evident that we need a new couch. Ours is kind of old, and though it doesn't get used much it's still in pretty rough shape. I really wish there was a directbuy

Well, writing this post has exhausted me. I have to go lay down for a while :)


Irene said...

Whew! Take a break, woman! It sounds like you've been pushing yourself way too hard.

I hope that brick wall wasn't too hard... I hope this new week is more rejuvinating!

Take care!

Vickie said...

I had a day like that on Saturday too. I got my workout in, but that was pretty much it for the day! I sat around quite a bit too. Sometimes you just have to rest and come back rejuvenated a few days later if necessary.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you get your well deserved rest!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... i'm sorry for U... but the pic of the wall is really good.

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