28 January 2008

Back at it....

This morning began with swimming. I'm trying to take it slow with the swimming, but this morning I couldn't help myself. I had to do a little time trial to see where I am with it.
I did 100 yds in 2:18. That's not too bad for me. I haven't fallen off that far. I did 500 yds in 7:02. Wow. I really thought I was incredibly slow but I'm not that bad. I still have a ways to go but I'm happy to start here.

Tonight was weight training. I have been doing weights for awhile now but I couldn't seem to get the kind of workout they talk about. Finally, I read an article that explained I was not using enough weight. So I upped it. A. Lot. I usually do squats with 15 lb weights, tonight - 30 lbs. Killer. For rows I usually use 10 lbs. Tonight. 15. Owww. For step-ups I usually just use bodyweight. Tonight. 15. Tough. By the time I was done I was breathing really hard and sweating like a dog. Ohhhhh, I see how this works now. I'm guessing I'll start making progress now.

So a good start back into training. I'm happy!!!

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