A decision has been made....

I was looking through my workout logs for the past few months. Except for a couple of days here and there, I have taken no real break in about 5 months. Even on days that I say I did nothing, I generally rode the stationary bike for at least 30 minutes. In my mind that doesn't really count so I would say I did nothing. When I saw that this morning I knew what needed to be done. So a decision has been made! I'm taking this week off. I will only go to my cycling clinic on Tuesday and Thursday. That's all!!! Nothing else!!! Interesting phenomenon. For the past 2 weeks my neck and shoulders have been bothering me. They have been super tight and nothing seems to loosen them up. As soon as I made the decision this morning to take the week off, my neck and shoulders stopped hurting. Related??? Maybe :)

I should have realized I was way to stressed just by looking around. My desk is a mess (much more than normal). I haven't put my workout stuff away in 2 weeks, I just rotate clean stuff. I haven't been keeping up on any of my normal routine things. That should have been a big red flag. But I missed it.

So I slept in until 6 am this morning. How nice. I got up, had coffee, and read some blogs. It was nice. I can't tell you how relaxed I feel. This was a good decision. I kept checking my watch so I didn't run out of time to exercise only to remember I'm not!!! Maybe I should get a pocket watch so it's not so easy to see :)

Okay, well, I don't have today off so I guess I'll get to work.


Pokey said…
Dang, my problem is too MANY breaks and not enough running. I'm working in the opposite direction - trying to get more workouts in each week.

I say if you feel like you need to rest, then REST. The worst thing you can do is to not listen to your body or mind when it is screaming at you to stop :)
Natalie said…
Good for you for taking a break!
Vickie said…
I'm betting after this week you'll be ready to get back to it. Sometimes you just have to put the exercise aside and get things in order. P.S. I bet a lot of us do the same things when we get busy.
IronMatron said…
Good for you! A quiet week off will do wonders for you. You are so ambitious. Just looking at your race schedule makes me tired! You deserve to recover.

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