03 January 2008

I love short weeks.

Tomorrow is Friday already and that makes me very, very happy.

I woke this morning and my calves were a little bit sore. I guess it's from the race on Tuesday. It wasn't bad but I decided my scheduled run could wait one more day. Instead I hoped on the stationary bike and did intervals for 30 minutes. Jeez, those are tough. Tomorrow is swimming again and I'm really looking forward to that.

My old boss is up for some kind of athletic award for old ladies. Okay I looked it up, it's the Michelob Ultra Geezer Jock of the year award. It's for folks over 40. She's a soccer player and a pretty good athlete. She also runs the cerebral palsy organization here in Hawaii. Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool.

I really don't have much to say tonight. I got some new strength training books from Amazon today and I want to go read them. I've also dug out my running books trying to put together a training plan for the next few races. Mary, I'm looking for Daniel's Running Formula this weekend to check it out, thank you. Our Borders has a very nice running section so I'm going to see if they have it.

That's it for me.

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