16 January 2008

Still adjusting

to all this working out. What's going to happen when I finally get up the nerve to tackle a 1/2 Ironman and really increase the workouts??

So my days look like this:
4:45 am - wake up, start coffee, brush teeth, check email, read a blog or two........
5:00 am - clean and feed the birds, get my food ready for my day.
5:15 am - feed the dogs, give medicine, etc
5:30 am - Work out, either leave for swimming or head to the studio for a workout
5:50 am - On Tuesday and Thursdays head out for a run
7:00 am - shower, get ready for work
7:15 am - leave the house or the Y and head to work
8:00 - 5:00 - work my butt off (we are busy!!!)
5:15 pm - Tuesday and Thursdays bike clinic
5:45 pm - Mon, Wed, Fri: home, head to studio for workout.
6:30 pm - shower, eat dinner, chat with hubby
7:00 pm - clean kitchen, feed dogs
7:30 pm - finally relax for the evening
9:00 pm - got to bed

It's no wonder I'm in no mood to blog in the evenings. On bike nights I don't get home until 7:30pm so that night is pretty well shot. I'm tired but I'm feeling good. Getting a lot of workouts in and I like it.

This morning was swimming. I'm following TI and I really like it. I've read, and heard, lots of people knock TI and now that I'm getting into the nuts and bolts of it, I can see why. The thing is, and I believe this of everything, not everything works for everybody. Sometimes I have to hear something in a different way for it to really sink in. I know that strength training is really good for me. I know that. But until I actually grasped the science behind it, it didn't mean a lot to me. That's what's happening with TI. I knew how to swim I just didn't know how to fix the things that were wrong with my stroke, and sometimes I didn't even know exactly what was wrong.

What I'm really getting out of TI is the whole balancing in the water through the movement of the stroke. I didn't even realize that was a problem until I started doing TI. I knew something was wrong because at times I would feel like I'm sinking and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. Since I started TI I know how to balance myself in the water, I know how to keep from sinking but more importantly I know what to do if I start to sink. Bottom line I'm feeling more confident and comfortable in the water, and that is something I definitely needed.

Last night at cycling was flat tire training. I've changed a flat a couple of times but I took the opportunity to learn little tricks from the pros. Also, I had gotten a CO2 thingee but didn't even know how to use it, so I learned that too. That was about it, no riding or anything just technical stuff.

Well, I should get to work because sitting here blogging is making me tired :)


Shelly said...

I've been using TI to teach myself to swim. But I was in "worse shape" than you. So TI has been very helpful. I now understand that swimming is all about rotating from side to side and balance (as you said). I really did swim like a barge and not like a fish! But now I think I'm ready for something else,some real instruction. I still need lots of time in the pool, too!

Irene said...

"What's going to happen when I finally get up the nerve to tackle a 1/2 Ironman and really increase the workouts??"

You'll be ready for it!!!!!

I hope you have a good night's sleep!

Vickie said...

You're going to have to teach me the change a flat tire thing. I still don't have that one down. Your workouts sound cool. Time consuming but satisfying at the same time. After a couple of months, things will all click together. I'm excited for you!

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