19 February 2008

Compared to yesterday's run

today's swim was awesome.

Normally I swim on Monday and run on Tuesday. I was going to blow out a swim this week because of yesterday's race. I have this idea in my head of not doing the same thing 2 days in a row. I swear by that for running because my knees can't take it, but I'm not sure why I'm so adamant about it for swimming. After thinking about it last night, I decided I would swim today and tomorrow and then Thursday I would be back on track.

I was scheduled to do 1500m at race pace. I started out with very good intentions. I was pushing myself,. but not too much - 1500m is a long way. I quickly realized that I was tired. So I decided to take it a little easier than I planned to. I could always push it tomorrow. So I'm swimming along playing with my stroke, trying to find a real rthym, something I seriously lack sometimes. So I'm rolling and stroking and rolling and stroking when suddenly I realized, I had found my pace. I was in that zone where it was almost effortless. I was slicing through the water and really feeling like a fish. My breathing was easy and deep. It was awesome.

Thinking about it I realized this might be what I've been missing with swimming. In running I have my pace where I feel like I could run forever. In biking I have it too, that point where the bike seems to be propelling itself. I've never felt that with swimming until this morning.

So that was my big breakthrough this morning and after yesterday I really needed it.

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Fe-lady said...

Breakthroughs are good....scary sometimes, but good!
Yeah Flo!


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