18 February 2008

What a train wreck this race was.

Did you ever get up for a race and just know this was not going to go well?? I have trouble convincing myself to go when I'm lying in bed. But this morning I was up and had had my coffee and still felt like I shouldn't go. I should have listened to myself.

I had to return to the house twice because I forgot things. I made myself a smoothie for breakfast and it sucked. I ended up not drinking it. I was running late and got to the stadium way too close to the last bus leaving. I had to go - bad!! I got on a bus and had to hunt down a decent bathroom - bad. I realized I was hungry! And thirsty! Oh this was not good. Went to Starbucks and got something to eat. It only made me thirstier. Distracted myself taking pictures.

Finally we started. Within the first mile a problem with my fanny pack developed. I could not get it to sit right. I messed around with that for almost 2 miles. Finally, got it fixed.

Suddenly, my HRM strap starts bothering me. I use this all the time, what is the problem?? Couldn't fix it so just put it out of my mind. Had a nice sore spot when I got home. WTF???

Got a rock in my shoe. Stopped 3 times and could not get it out. Or find it. Decided to live with it. Now have a blister developing on the ball of my foot. (*&(^^%$^$^%$^##^& rocks.

iPod stopped working. It would just randomly shut off. I had to keep turning it on. Ended up taking it out of my armband and carrying it in my hand so I could turn it on quickly and easy. Pain in the butt.

It was at this point, around mile 5, where I just gave up. I realized the running gods were not on my side so why fight it. I spent the rest of the run taking pictures and having fun.

Here is a photo essay (you can click on any picture to see a larger one):

101_0096 The buses waiting to take up from Aloha Stadium to downtown for the start.

101_0104The Sounds of Freedom. This is the only race in the world where military units run in formation singing cadence. It is so inspiring to see these heroes every year.

101_0119 The start line. Actually took 8 minutes to get there after the cannon. Not too bad considering there were 20,000 of my closest friends running.

101_0121 One of the bands that were all along the course. This is what makes this race so fun.

101_0125This was one of the aid stations. What a mess they are.

The Finish Line Finally, the finish line inside Aloha Stadium. I have never been so happy to see a finish line.

Looking back on the finish Looking back at the finish line from the other side of the stadium.

101_0136The Hawaiian Runner. He ran the whole thing in a ti leaf skirt and headdress. Pretty cool.

Well, #11 is done. There is always next year :)


Anna said...

Ah man. I HATE when my ipod does that! Here it does that because of the cold and it freezes. I can relate on the HRM strap. I stopped wearing mine for that reason alone. And the rock thing -- there just had to be one didn't there?!?! So sorry all odds weren't in your favor!

Well at least you ended up having fun and getting some great pics!

Comm's said...

and the Hawaiian runner probably ran without shoes too.

Fe-lady said...

So sorry to hear about all your mishaps before and during the race-good for you for finishing it and already looking forward to next year!

Pokey said...

LOVE that Hawaiian runner dude...how funny!

Sorry your race sucked....and I can honestly say, been there done that! ;) But hey ~ it was a race and you got it done....so CONGRATS!!!

I am going to be on Kauai in March....I forgot where you live??
You can email me thru my blog if you want..... :)

Anonymous said...

What about the Hawaiian runner?Ha ha ha.Thanks for the post.

Vickie said...

Sometimes you just have those kinds of races. Its usually the kind where you feel obligated to do it, you've actually put in enough training to pull it off, but your head just isn't there. Its like everyone is doing it, so I should to. I go through this every year with one of our big races. I really don't like big races, but see reasons above why I do it. Anyway, you got it done. That's about all you have to think about. And sorry I have not gotten back to you about my blog. I have been SWAMPED with work this week, of course! I don't want you to think I'm not serious. If you have any more templates you can send my way, I'd like to see those. Nothing has really caught my eye yet.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. The picture is great .
thanks for sharing this.

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